A to Z challenge: Into the Fanniverse

“Did you miss me, did you really think that I was gone?”

My blog has been quiet for a long time. I have had occasional posts in Hungarian, but I just didn’t have the mental space to be as invested as I used to. The past two years have been very difficult not just because of the pandemic that touched us all but because of private reasons – I quit my marriage and decided to rediscover myself because I’d got lost somewhere along the years.

It was a time of reflection and not a time of words.

But now.

I’m back with a vengeance. Not only will I try to do Nanocamp (and succeed for a change…) but I’ll also try my hand in the A to Z blog challenge. I got the idea from Csenge Zalka who is a constant inspiration for me.

I just love thematic things so I don’t know why I’ve waited this long to embark on this adventure. (Well actually I know, it’s because I’m aware it’s a big commitment and sometimes that scares me. Also I try to only start things when I know I can see it through and that I can do well. I’m working on loosening my perfectionism though. Because sometimes it’s better to have an imperfect something than a perfect nothing.)

So for my first ever A to Z I will tell you about the Fanni Literary Universe (a.k.a – the F.L.U :D) in which most of my novels are set. It’s a world very much like our own just kinder. I don’t even know how the idea started – probably when I notices while reading that I really liked when characters from other stories made cameo appearances. I don’t really like sequels because I feel like I’m tricked into sticking with a story ( yeah, commitment issues) but I like to know that characters I came to love are still there and they are doing fine. It’s just reassuring to me.

I also like things to be endowed with meaning – in real life so many things just don’t make sense that’s why in my writing I try to make sure they do. To me meaning is a web of connections.

Another thing that has always my profound aspiration, but I’ve only started to understand it now is conserving things I love for the future. I write because there are moments I find too important to allow to sink back into the darkness of non-existence. I want to take them, polish them and organise them in a cabinet of curiosities, so that I could always come back to revisit them.

Therefore this is going to be a list of things I love. And I love a lot of things and I love them deeply. Sometimes I think I have too much love in me for my own good. But oh well, that’s just who I am.

So what I can promise you is a lot of energy, enthusiasm and a eulogy of all the things dear to my heart. (And more stuff with the letter E soon.)

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