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A newer snippet from Mona, a novel I’m not actually writing at the moment, I just have too many translation projects and WIPs under way. It’s sad because I have 50k words from it, the fruit of my last successful Nanowrimo (2014) and I really love the story there is just too much work with it, so I’m waiting for a quiet time to finish it. However, posting these little snippets keeps me going and thinking about the story, so I’m very grateful to Weekend Writing Warriors for helping me. For the other lovely stories please checkout this site:

This short excerpt is about the Misremembered, some of last week’s comments seemed to be interested in them, so I thought I’d talk a bit more about them.

The Misremembered are four ancient gods who lost their powers because people stopped believing in them. The Sailor, the Whore, the Smith and the Reaper were not bad or evil, but the world had changed and they refused to change with it. Thus they have slowly been forgotten, or what is even worse, misremembered.

Losing our faith in the old gods is a long and painful process, but if you start to walk on it there is no turning back. These ancient gods were simply too powerful; they reigned not only above one, distinct part of the world like we do, but they could go anywhere and everywhere they pleased. Their power was infinite. They grew demanding like spoiled children, wanting more offerings and, most importantly, more love. They wanted people to love them, to admire them and if they didn’t do, they punished them. What they got was never enough for them, so they just punished and punished and people loved them less and less. One day nobody loved them anymore and this ripped their power off them. In the end, they were nothing but two women and two men walking the earth in ragged clothes living on the morsels of faith.

11 thoughts on “The Misremembered – #8sunday”

  1. This is another great novel idea! You have no shortage of them, have you? Now you only need to sit in front of your screen and finish ALL THE BOOKS ;). And no Doctor Who or Twitter distractions! ;D (OK…I might actually be your accomplice when it comes to the latter *hides*).

  2. Great concept and terrific excerpt. Finishing what you start can be too much to think about when you have so many projects. Making lists help me. I divide my work into what absolutely has to be done (because of commitments/payment) and prioritize them by their deadlines or by what I can finish first because it’s the farthest along. Same with my stories. What can I finish first. Having so many projects can be so overwhelming and my not knowing where to start makes me freeze up. I do hope you’ll finish this story. It is good.

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