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Glasgow,  my love is my Nanowrimo 2017 project.

Here is the blurb:

Girl meets boy in a small café in Glasgow. The story could go anywhere from here… and it does. The novel explores the various possible futures the pair has after the meeting. Will they see each other again? If yes, will it deliver them or will it derail their life even more?

Saturated with Biffy Clyro songs and theories about the multiverse, Glasgow, My Love is a strangely magical but realist novel.

And here is a snippet about the coffee house meeting:

He stands there politely, doesn’t move before your permission. You open your mouth to say “yes, sure” but words fall to sounds in your head and you’re afraid that you would only groan. You press your lips together into a smile and you nod.

“Huh, I thought you’d send me away,” he says, his voice filled with a smile. “I’d much rather sit with you than with that suspicious old girl over there,” he adds nodding towards the woman with the fuchsia lipstick. You look at her and you would swear that she was just checking out the guy’s backside. Your eyes widen. Oh my gosh, I hope I won’t end up like this, you think, and your tight smile bubbles into a laughter.

He looks at you with slightly raised eyebrows then smiles. He has a smile that could light up the night, like a curve of the milky way.

10 thoughts on “Glasgow, my love snippet #8sunday”

  1. “Like the curve of the Milky Way” – wow, I LOVE this metaphor! Beautiful! There is definitely something unique and engaging about the voice and your style – a combination of literary fiction and fantasy, which is my favorite stuff to read!

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