My name is Fanni Sütő and I was born in 1990 in Budapest, to a country of freshly found freedom. I’ve always looked for some means of expressing myself. I gave up singing pretty early, persuaded by the ardent begging of my family and moved on to some quieter forms of art. I started with drawing and for quite a while I thought „This would be it!” but I never really got past copying. When I tried to put the characters and scenes from my head to paper they came out all jumbled and deformed. So words became my weapon of choice. I already rhymed as a baby and went on honing my talent with Knight Rider fan fiction and Sailor Moon fan magazines as well as homemade radio programmes recorded with my aunt’s tape recorder. The poetic flame truly soared up in me when I entered high school and my thirteen evil crushes. They gave me plenty of teen angst and ideas for poems but no relationship experience (thanks God.) Years went by, writing remained. I never wanted to change the world or save the lost soul of humanity; for me writing was half a hobby like cross-stitching or patchworking but it was also a magic potion to get me through life. After all this time, why start a blog now? I’m moving in with my boyfriend in the autumn to a small town next to Paris (it’s a real good French town, with a name made up of five words and a handful of hyphens) and I’m a bit scared. I’ve lived abroad before; I spent nearly a year in London but there, in a city of tourists and immigrants, I never felt like an outsider. I find Paris a bit intimidating although I also secretly hope that I will meet the ghosts of dead poets and artists. This blog was created to provide a home for my writings, travels and musings and I hope that I can transform my doubts into something creative (and hopefully inspiring.)

I will try to go full bilingual (Hungarian and English with a sparkle of French) but we will see how far I can go with that.

Welcome, welcome! Grab a baguette and plunge into the fabulous life of Fannélie!