Enters Lark #8sunday

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This snippet is about Lark, one of my favourite characters from Mona’s story. He’s cool, independent and has the spirit of the river Thames.

I wanted to surprise and motivate myself so I commissioned a very talented artist to draw Lark for me, so I even have a picture of him. Isn’t that great ? 🙂

A guy walked in, but I didn’t give him a second look, the swamp of grief had dragged me deeper and deeper. The apple juice I was drinking turned sour in my mouth. Suddenly the room felt too small, I needed some fresh air. I stood up too suddenly and nearly bumped into someone. He wore a white T-shirt smelling of lemons and sun.

“Oh, the Cat who walks by himself, I love that story!” I said, recognising the print on the tee.

“Yeah. River got it for me last Christmas. She’s a huge literature nerd, I guess she wanted to make a point with it but I don’t know what exactly. I’m Lark, by the way.”

10 thoughts on “Enters Lark #8sunday”

    1. The girl who drew it said that he somehow reminded her of Dylan O’brien, but I actually imagine Lark as Andrew Garfield (One of my very short lived British flames 😀 He was just a one-book stand, I think.)
      River is the best name for an independent, kick-ass girl 😀 Also, their dad is a sea/river/sailing god, so it makes sense.

  1. I love how you used the sense of smell to describe him — and then, instead of telling us what his shirt looked like, you focussed instead on what the shirt meant to your character.

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