I was interviewed by: Melion Traverse

“Delusions of Sanity: Ok, getting a little delightfully morbid here (but that’s how we do it here at Delusions of Sanity), but what do you want your tombstone to say?

Fanni Sütő: Here lies she, who sang lullabies for an unquiet world.

Delusions of Sanity: “Lullabies for an unquiet world.” I like that. That sounds like it could be an album or a poetry anthology. Well, I’ve had funny and macabre, let’s move on to weird. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever researched?

Fanni Sütő: I must have researched a lot of weird stuff but my mind keeps blocking these out. The only memory which comes to me is that I’ve been working on a multiple ending (love) story about a boy and a girl who meet in a coffee shop in Glasgow. I hadn’t been to Glasgow when the idea came to me, but I had a very concrete idea of the little café. So I bought a bus ticket and traveled up to Glasgow for one day to find it. And I did. It was almost as I imagined it, quite central, very light and with a friendly staff. It even had a tiny poetry shop! My female protagonist is a poet so it was just perfect.

Delusions of Sanity: Wow, that is weird. Cool and serendipitous, but also weird.”

For the rest of the interview, check out Melion’s blog:

Interview with Fanni Suto

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