I was interviewed by: Offbeat YA

I was interviewed by the lovely hostess of Offbeat YA, a very interesting and fun blog I suggest you check out regularly 🙂 I became friends with the blog’s owner through Twitter and or mutual love of Doctor Who and David Tennant. Since Londemonium is heavily saturated with Doctor Who inspiration (at least as far as my dream cast goes) Offbeat YA was a perfect place to talk about it. Thank you very much, Roberta!

In your most current work, are there dangers your characters face that you couldn’t handle yourself? How would you respond instead?

Unfortunately, I’m not too courageous, so I wouldn’t make a very good YA character. I’d probably sit around a lot more and try to figure out something instead of rushing into action.

Do you have a favourite scene or line you’ve written?

Probably a lot but this is what suddenly came to mind: 

“I am sorry,” Aiko said in a thin voice. “I got lost.”
“Aren’t we all lost?” asked the woman. Her melodious voice was like wind in the bamboo groves.
“How could you be lost? You’re grown up.”
“Oh, dear Aiko, you will soon learn that it is only the adults who can get lost truly and desperately.”

(From Londemonium)

For the rest of the interview, please visit Offbeat YA here.

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