Mona, the orphan of Europe #8sunday

I missed a couple of weeks on Weekend Writing Warriors because of holidays, but I’m back again. This is snippet from the same story I showed you last time.

Mona, the orphan of Europe is an alternative history coming of age story about Mona, an unruly princess who travels Europe visiting her supernatural “aunts” and “uncles.”  The story starts out in Paris where Mona is attacked by the followers of the forgotten gods, the Misremembered. Her aunt is holding a party, but Mona questions her about her attackers.


My aunt appeared out of thin air, took my champagne and drank it.

“Non, non, ma chérie, that’s not for little girls.”

“Aunt Paris, we need to talk.”

“That’s exactement what we are doing.”

“What can you tell me about the Misremembered?”

She drew a big breath and her face became whiter than her powdered wig.

“I don’t want to talk or think about them. It’s such a happy night. Look, we even have cancan dancers.”


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